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This is where you will find other people who share your interest in this legendary Australian band and the five individuals therein contained. I'm the link between everyone and I'm here to help you all get to know each other.

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To everyone who has been writing to me - keep 'em coming! GANGworld has now expanded its ranks and now we have people from all around the world on board - Australia, Brazil, England, USA, Italy, Peru and South Africa. Thank you for all the wonderful support and good vibes.

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I should let you know a bit more about me, and my qualifications for this job.

Stepping back in time....

26th January, Australia Day 1987, and I went to see a band whose music I'd really gotten into over the past few years - GANGgajang. An Australia Day concert, in Brisbane - 8,000 people there, and I was one of them.  By the end of the gig, I was sold, and that was that.

A young 17 year old, braces on my teeth, seemingly with no shame at all, I made my way over to the guys after they finished playing, as they were hanging out with and chatting to hordes of other fans who, like me, were hoping to meet them, and one by one I asked for their autographs.

I was struck by their friendliness and normality (after all, this was the 80's, where was their pop star elitism?). Little did I know how huge an impact that one day would have on my life over the following years. Little did I know that 20 years later they would turn out to be some of my dearest friends in the world..... 

Cheers and good vibes to all....Lisa