GANGgajang Way

GANGgajang Way

GANGgajang Way

Bundaberg Regional Council has joined forces with a local property developer and iconic Australian band GANGgajang to officially open a new street named GANGgajang Way.

The signpost was unveiled in tribute to the GANGgajang band, which adopted a poem written “out on the patio” of a Bundaberg region home to create the hit song Sounds of Then.

GANGgajang Way is situated within a new development called Paddington Grove Estate, not far from where the words to Sounds of Then were first penned by singer, songwriter and former Bundaberg local, Mark Callaghan.


Mayor Mal Forman said the tribute sign could become a significant attraction for the region.

“Incredibly, today is almost 30 years to the actual day when the song was released and became a number one hit on the Australian music charts.

“It’s great that this song has such strong Bundaberg linkages and we are privileged to have the whole band here to celebrate the naming of Ganggajang Way.”

Planning Committee Chairman Cr Ross Sommerfeld said the GANGgajang band was deserving of special recognition due to its connections with the local area.

“For those who don’t know it, the song relates to the experience of watching “lightning crack over cane fields”; something very unique to the Bundaberg region and our sugar cane industry generally.”

View GANGgajang performing Sounds Of Then (acoustic) at the unveiling and official opening of GANGgajang Way, Kalkie (Bundaberg) on Saturday 31 October 2015. (DOG LOVERS: keep an eye out for a video bomb at 0:55)

Photo Credit: Bundaberg Regional Council